About Meadowland

Meadowland Pet food is made in the pristine pasture of New Zealand, with free-range animals and non-GMO materials sources. We bring the healthier and natural pet food to your pets. Our Veterinarian and Clinical Nutritionist innovates the finest Premium Proteins and formulate the highest quality holistic recipe. It’s not only much in rich of nutrients. It also hypoallergenic to pets and easy for digest. No by-product or additives in our recipe or create harmful food allergies and horrific health problems.

Our Mission
Pets Need to Eat Real Food Too

The importance of eating real foods — grass-fed meats, vegetables, fruits. The same holds true for your pets, we should all be thankful for this trend for more "humanized" pet foods.

Your pet needs REAL, FRESH,
and UNADULTERATED food, just like you do!!
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