Grain Free

Grain-Free pets food entered the pet marketplace along with the trends in human dietary thinking. That’s not to say grain-free pets food is purely opportunist, or that it has nothing to offer tour pet. It can be an excellent remedy for certain dogs that need a change in their diets. Certainly Meadowland grain-free pets food use higher-quality ingredients in general, such as free-range chicken, duck, grass-fed lamb. These whole protein source are better than byproducts or only meat meal.

Non-GMO or By products

Meadowland pet food with no by-products, preservatives or GMO ingredients.

All ingredients are supply and processed in New Zealand farm under a human grade standard. The holistic formula is designated for the whole life-stage. Especially puppies and elderly dogs.

Premium Protein
Low Fat

Premium protein for healthy digestion and strong the immune system, also it can build-up of muscles mass. Low fat formulation in avoid of over-weight due to lack of excises for the home pets.

No Addictive, Preservative or Artificial Color and Flavoring

Though the wisdom of feeding natural food to pets is debated, this practice is more coming popular. The potential benefits of natural ingredients include healthy skin, cleaner teeth, shinier coats, compact feces and higher energy levels.