No more diarrhoea

"My baby dog has gastrointestinal problem for many years, my friend introduce Meadowland to me and we have tried for 1 week more. It has a comprehensive improvement, No more diarrhoea, no stinky of the feces, yeah!!!"

Made in New Zealand

"My friend's dog looks gorgeous! Then he recommends Meadowland to me. It was made in New Zealand and produces with natural ingredients. My dog enjoy it so much especially the Duck flavor."

The Fitness Formula is Prefect!

"I have fed my dog with different brands in the past, we keep changing of kibbles every 3 months. We try our best to find the best food for my sweetie as she is getting fatter and fatter until we found Meadowland.
It’s amazing! Her weight loose steadily and stay healthy and keep in good appetite too. The Fitness Formula of Meadowland is Prefect!"

Love Grain Free, no GMO

"We love Grain Free, no GMO. That’s good! I like Meadowland’s brand of keep doing humanized pet food."

Good choice to our dogs

"My dog doesn’t love it so much, but we know it was made by all natural ingredients, so we carry on for feeding the good choice to our dogs."

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